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So the Cook County prosecutor is trying to back up their fabrication from yesterday – that Jussie Smollett didn’t get special treatment.

CBS Chicago has an internal memo requesting staffers find examples of cases handled similarly to Smollett. The reason for this is that they spun a story where having the charges dropped, your files sealed, and everything put back to zero is somehow normal. It isn’t.

This is just another example of the fix being in for someone who has political connections. For reasons no one is totally sure of, Smollett had Michelle Obama’s former Chief of staff interfering with the investigation on his behalf. That interference led to Cook county prosecutor Kim Foxx recusing herself from the case, and the prosecutor’s office eventually dropping all charges in return for the forfeiture of a $10,000 Bond, and a whopping 16 hours of community service. Sources report that this community service was served into two hour chunks, at Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push coalition, and consisted of signing autographs and talking to fans about being an actor.

Needless to say everybody else that has a case pending in Cook county wishes they had jussie Smollett’s connections, and could serve his kind of community service. The reality here is, Kim Fox has somehow managed to become a symbol of and unfair justice system, and the prevalence of influence peddling in Chicago in the course of a single day.