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The Cook County State’s Attorney has dropped all charges, and sealed the records of Jussie Smollett. He, in return, completed, allegedly, 16 hours of community service and forfeited his $10,000 bond.

The fix is in, folks.

It is incredibly important to note that the prosecutors did not dispute the facts in the case, they just dropped the charges, expunged the record, and sealed it all away. This is beyond a miscarriage of justice. Smollett has never stopped lying about the attack, and we can only conclude that he would have continued to do so in a trial, potentially leading to a conviction for an innocent person.

What has yet come to light is Kim Foxx’s level of corruption involvement in this decision. Which, one suspects, is total. Foxx attempted to interfere in the case on behalf of Tina Tchen, former chief of staff for former First Lady Michelle Obama. Why Ms. Tchen was involved at all is anyone’s guess, of course. But then, in a move considered unusual and even inexplicable at the time, Foxx recused herself from the case. This was when it was still an actual hate crime against Smollett, as opposed to by Smollett.

Kim Foxx – Anti-Law?

Even worse, for Chicago, is that Foxx has now cemented her position as an anti-cop and anti-law ‘prosecutor’. For those who came in late, Cook County elected Kim Foxx as a direct result of the handling of the Laquan McDonald case. Which many cops viewed as a justified or justifiable shooting (my opinion is that it might have been, but he went way too far in the shooting). Foxx charged the officer, Jason Van Dyke, with 16 counts of aggravated battery, two counts of first degree murder (with four additional counts of first degree murder dropped pre-trial). Each round fired resulted in one battery charge. He was then charged under 6 different flavors of first degree murder. This is, correctly, considered overkill.

Now, she is on the record as doubting the CPD’s ability to investigate the Smollett case, and then tossing it out despite a Grand Jury finding, and the testimony of the actual attackers!

When the prosecutor’s office is so clearly antagonistic to the police, the police have a history (not just Chicago, this is fairly universal) of tossing their hands in the air, and just looking the other way.

The center cannot hold indeed.