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Progress! Construction resumed on the bridge over I80 on Cicero Avenue (IL50) – with more than one person this time.

While the rebar is still unfinished on the north end of the north-bound lanes, there is new concrete (not a lot, but some) on the south end of that section. They are working on the transition bit between the deck itself and the road. There are some big gaps there, like the earthworks or side braces needed reinforcing. That is where the focus seems to be for the past few days.

Photo of the rebar on the IL50 bridge

It’s good that work has resumed. The southbound lanes are deteriorating rapidly. Patches from a month back are, basically, gone.

In related public works news, the frontage road labeled either Fusion Way or Martec Int’l Blvd (which is not, by the way, in any regards an actual boulevard) has degraded again. The short form of the story is that the road is twisted and evil, more pothole than road. Everyone drives it like it’s a slalom course, dodging the worst of the holes in the road (even semis do this). Someone filled in holes with dirt & gravel in February, and the holes are back, and by April will be back to their usual size and severity.

The problem here is that none of the local political entities accept the responsibility for the road. The county (Cook), township (Bremen), and municipality (Country Club Hills) all point at someone else as ‘responsible’.

Cook County’s map shows that the section in question is, in fact, the responsibility of Country Club Hills. The township is responsible to the north and south (which is weird), but the section in the middle, the worst section, is all Country Club Hills’ responsibility.

Map showing highway jurisdictions

You can check your own road jurisdictions in Cook County here: