Oh Look, Trump Again

Oh Look, Trump Again

Ego, thy name is Trump. In a move sure to shock no one, The Donald tossed his MAGA cap in the ring for 2024. And the loonies are already salivating at the prospect of their messiah winning the Presidency again. For the, according to them, third time. Of course they fail to see the irony…if Trump ‘won’ in 2020, he would be ineligible to run in 2024. By running, he is admitting he lost to Biden.

Let that sink in.

Trump supporters have maintained that Biden stole the election, and that The Donald won. What do you want to bet they won’t even so much as think that their repeated statements must be reversed. They are a cult, in every way that matters.

And that is why the Republican Party needs to refuse to support Trump in any fashion. He has had four election cycles to show any actual leadership, and has failed at three of them. Despite the manner in which he won in 2016 – and that against the only candidate he could have beaten – he failed to uplift down-ballot candidates in 2018, lost to Biden of all people in 2020, and his chosen candidates tanked in 2022. Three strikes, Trump, you’re out.