With Kamala Harris claiming ‘racism’ as the reason her 2020 bid failed, she inadvertently says something pretty dire about the state of the Democratic Party.

I say inadvertently because I am pretty sure she didn’t think this through, in the least.

As was pointed out on Ace of Spades, the DNC primary process is a closed loop – it is by and for Democrats. Not the nation as a whole, not Republicans, just Democrats. And thus, if the reason her campaign failed was, in fact, racism, it is the Democratic Party that has that problem.

Well…no shit.

The Democrats have moved from literally owning black people, to killing black people for daring to try to exercise their rights as free people, to ghettoizing them and basically claiming ownership again. At no point in this process have the Democratic Party leaders or power brokers considered blacks as valid, fully realized, agency-possessing humans. They were slaves, then there to be lynched, then back to de facto slavery.

There is a reason the recent pro-Republican movements describe themselves as getting of the plantation. The Dems have made the plantation their default system of dealing with non-Asian minorities.

But of course, the inherent racism of the DNC is, somehow, Trump’s fault. Because Orange Man Bad?