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Today marks day two of Chicago mayoral candidate Toni Preckwinkle not running ads. That is an odd choice, and her answers don’t help any.

Preckwinkle claims her team is “making strategic decisions”. It seems that the strategy here is ‘lose’. Ever since the Nixon/Kennedy debate, TV has been king, at least insofar as determining who the people viewed as the best candidate. For a candidate to suspend ads with less than two weeks to the election is unheard of.

Of course, Preckwinkle says this is all strategy. Nothing to see here!

Personally, I suspect that either they spent too much too soon, and are pulling back as money runs out, or they have some internal polling that shows they cannot win. I wonder if Preckwinkle’s ongoing negativity (including after the general election last month) hurt her. Or if inexplicably bringing up Lightfoot’s sexuality might have. Why not both?

Frankly, Preckwinkle needs to lose. As I wrote before, neither will be good for Chicago, but Lightfoot seems to be less bad. Preckwinkle is a known problem. A Democrat insider (and party leader) who is tied to massive corruption in the persons of Joe Berrios and (allegedly) Ed Burke. Preckwinkle’s office also pushed for illegal implementation of her disastrous soda tax. It would be nice to see her voted out of office in Cook County too, but I am not holding my breath. In 2006 Cook County voted for a man who was likely in a persistent vegetative state after a stroke. Of course, the Democratic Party concealed that fact, but still…

Blocking the Toni Preckwinkles of the world is important. Maybe the next goal can be an actual opposition to the Democratic regime in Chicago.