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…but that won’t matter to the right, because they will still unite to attack us.

There is an inexplicable trend on the right to celebrate the left’s habit of attacking itself. This week saw ‘vagina cupcakes’ being attacked for excluding ‘women without vaginas’, and Will Smith not being black enough to play Richard Williams (father of Venus and Serena Williams). And the right loves to point and laugh as the left attacks itself.

We really need to stop that. Why? Simple – it doesn’t mean anything in the bigger picture. Because in the big picture, the left will stop their internecine warfare to unite against conservatives and Republicans. Every time. See, they will always unite against conservatives because they have come to believe we are some kind of existential threat to the world. No, that isn’t hyperbole. They truly seem to hate us at a deep level.

And we have our own internal problems. Namely, we won’t unite to defeat them.

Instead, we support them over our own interests. Also, some Republicans are on record wishing Clinton had won the White House in 2016. And not just out-of-touch pundits. Our Libertarian cousins ran a vice-presidential candidate that openly endorsed Clinton…and he was running on an opposing ticket!

We need to get our own houses in order before we look to the left and smile at their infighting. We need to reunite the conservatives and the Republicans into a united front against the existential threats of socialism and runaway progressivism. We need to stop supporting the enemy…

And there is the problem.

Our leadership can’t even define who the enemy is. Instead, we focus on the players, not the game. We need to focus on the game for a change. Don’t attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Talib, Nancy Pleosi, Ilhan Kahn, or Elizabeth Warren directly. That generates sympathy for them, as the mean conservatives attack the helpless women. While I know that’s hypocritical, it was decided that was ok. So there it is. Attacking the people is useless in the grand scheme of it all.

Attack the philosophy, the plan, the position. Attack the person only in a head-to-head election.

Why do we not support the Green New Deal? Because that inane scheme would cost more than the GWP. Also because it is divisive and designed to fail. We don’t oppose it because Ocasio-Cortez backs it. Why do we oppose socialism? Because it is reductive, inhuman, inhumane, and causes suffering every time it is implemented. We don’t oppose socialism because Warren, Sanders, et al support it. Do you see the difference?

Positions, not people, are the right targets

By focusing effort on positions, we begin to show why we are a better option. We know we can’t convince people to not follow the Pied Piper down to hell. But we have to try to show them a better path. It is a harder path, to be sure. It is a path with no freebies. The left has trained people to believe they deserve freebies. Because of that, we face an uphill battle.

It is a battle we need to fight. There is no joy in copying the left’s return to enforced compliance with dogma. But come on, we need to at least be able to hold the line on core conservative beliefs. We need to clean our own house before we will be able to fight the left for the soul of our nation.

Unless we do that, when they stop infighting, they will overrun us.