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The problem with not doing this as a full-time thing (or with a collection of co-bloggers to pick up slack) is that sometimes reality is so far out of alignment that it takes too long to synthesize a post. By the time it’s ready, some other nonsense has happened, and it’s time to start over.

Look at the past few days….

Lori Lightfoot elected as the next mayor of Chicago.

By a landslide. She won all 50 wards, which is unprecedented. Toni Preckwinkle concedes in her usual fashion. She lashes out at Lightfoot. Classy.

This election is interesting – on the socials, the knives are already out for Lightfoot as not ‘progressive enough’. I don’t tend to read that crap, but it also seems that by working in the system to effect change, she is to be demonized? I can’t keep up with the progressive shifting goalpost anymore. Anyway, that wasn’t what was interesting.

Interesting was the election of a total party outsider over the ultimate insider. Preckwinkle is president of the Cook County Democratic Party and the Cook County Board. She was very much in the Clinton role circa 2008 & 2016. And lost big. Several entrenched ward bosses (ok, Aldermen) did too, including to the surging(ish) Democratic Socialists. This leaves exactly zero Republicans in office in Chicago. The state party is a train that keeps wrecking.

I also look to this election as a possible herald of what we might see next year. The establishment candidate was routed in favor of the perceived outsider. Lightfoot is not at Trump levels of outside, make no mistake. However, in the much more rigid Dem structure, she might as well be. I suspect that for establishment Dems in the national race, this will be a wakeup call they need to notice.

The Smollett drama keeps rolling on

So much the drama. I can’t even begin to cover it all. But the highlights are:

  • Suburban police chiefs vote ‘no confidence’ in Kim Foxx. The North Suburban Chiefs of Police, the West Suburban Chiefs of Police and the South Suburban Chiefs of Police all joined CPD in expressing no confidence in Foxx. This is huge. And mostly unreported. Full text of the North Suburban letter is here. Why isn’t is covered more in the media?
  • Foxx, of course, played the race card. Her actual actions, including lying to the public repeatedly about her own actions, were not the problem. Her skin color is. Foxx’s predecessor, Anita Alverez, didn’t play that card as a Hispanic woman. Weird. Remember, when someone says a valid criticism of a specific action is racially motivated, they are lying, in the wrong, and not to be trusted.
  • In an effort at damage control, Foxx held a press conference with former civil rights leader Jesse Jackson at his PUSH offices, supposedly to show black chiefs supported her. None showed. Not. A. One. And this gets better, her opening act, Ja’Mal Green (activist, not actor) said the police looked like the “blue klux klan”, and while we support his right to say it (and respect the cleverish phrase), that isn’t helping. Jackson & Foxx have yet to distance themselves from that. Neither has Representative Bobby Rush (D-mentia) who, it is reported, said “The FOP is the sworn enemy of black people, the sworn enemy of black people…”. I say reported because he is increasingly unintelligible. Seriously, think MushMouth on the old Fat Albert show. I feel for him, and hope he is getting treatment.
  • Finally (I think), Chicago is suing Smollett for $130,000 in overtime costs his false claims generated. He is refusing to pay, and talking about countersuing.

Grope’n Joe Biden is back!

Back in the bad old days, when women were property, powerful men could, and did, use them for their own ends. The women had no legal or social recourse, and no entities capable of holding powerful men accountable existed. So, women cringed or faked enjoyment as the powerful did what they would.

We call those years ‘the Obama administration;, 2009 – 2017.

How times change! Now, it is still ok if you are the right political flavor! Which is a helluva way to start a 2020 run, there Joe. So many women popped up to accuse you of unwanted touching that Trump wondered if he had nominated you to the Supreme Court.

Of course, this took a lot of people by surprise – they didn’t know he has been doing this for years. See, the media didn’t care, and all but refused to run stories critical of the Obama administration. Here is a refresher…

Naturally, he isn’t concerned. His defense is ‘times change’. Needless to say, were Biden a Republican, he’d be hounded day and night by the media.

Webcomic artist tweets he is glad his girlfriend wasn’t aborted, totalitarian left explodes

What the actual fuck is wrong with these people? How morally bankrupt do you need to be to hate over that kind of statement. It’s disgusting.

And come on, he proclaims his faith right on his bio.

So, while the leftists I know in real life repost ‘never sharing again’ and seem to be no longer willing to read his work, I followed him on Instagram and Twitter. I’m only one person. It just seems to me that on a day when you may be losing followers, gaining one could make the day better. Here is an example of his quirky humor:

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h e a l t h

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Being grateful your significant other wasn’t aborted isn’t saying no one should ever have one. That the left feels the need to portray it that way is not only dishonest, it is vile. Honestly, this is one of the few times I really question if I know people after seeing their reactions.

And I move closer to hoping for the national divorce.

And finally….MOAR JUSSIE!

This is the gift that keeps on giving!

It isn’t about race, it’s about basic legal ethics. And it should not have anything to do with that sordid history.

That is from a letter sent to CWB from an anonymous assistant state’s attorney. The content is, basically, a refutation of Foxx’s ‘criticism is racist’ stance, and a call out of her lies about Smollett’s treatment by her office.

Shockingly, this is not normal.

As we said, the fix is in. Now Foxx has to justify her decisions, and she simply refuses to.

Don’t blame me, I voted for Alverez.