I kind of hate that the title is that long. But sometimes it needs to be what it is.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that three teachers and an organizer, all members of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, visited Venezuela in July. This shows poor judgement by being a tacit (at the minimum) endorsement of the socialist policies that have turned Venezuela into the nightmare it is today. To make things worse, they described themselves as a ‘delegation’ from the CTU. Thus implicating that already questionable organization in the group’s declarations of support for Venezuela’s dictator, Maduro.

In fairness, while calling themselves a delegation from CTU, it is clear in their blog post that the Union did not fund them:

This blog represents the members delegation of the Chicago Teacher’s Union that are currently in Venezuela to learn from educators and activists on the ground. We are three rank and file charter school teachersand one CTU organizer. We organized this delegation ourselves and fundraised for the trip independent of the CTU. While CTU did pass a resolution in support of Venezuela, they did not plan this delegation or give any type of financial support.


I believe that anyone who is that absurdly ignorant of the reality on the ground in Venezuela should not be allowed to teach. That these three, Sarah Chambers, Valeria Vargas, and Fabiana Casas (and ‘organizer’ Richard Berg) can endorse, and by implication lead the CTU to endorse, someone like Maduro is proof of lack of fitness for the job.

Sarah Chambers, Valeria Vargas, and Fabiana Casas’ licenses to teach should be immediately and permanently revoked.

I wonder if they will call anyone racist…

And of course, the predictable response is there too. One of the so-called delegates, Sarah Chambers, tweeted this in response to the Tribune article:

Of course. Racist.

Remember, if a leftist calls you racist, and you know you aren’t, you hurt them somehow. They literally cannot deal with being criticized any other way.