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When we last left the steaming mess that is the Smollett case, Chicago was suing to recoup $130,000 in overtime costs for the investigation, and every suburban chiefs of police organization had voted ‘no confidence’ in Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx.

And I thought the stupidity was over.


Today we learned that the Osundairo brothers are suing Smollett’s legal team, including Mark ‘Unindicted Avenatti Co-Conspirator’ Geragos for defamation. In Federal court. Read the complaint here:


But that isn’t all! How could it be?

Kim Foxx did a right thing, and invited a special prosecutor to review her actions in the case. Of course, then Foxx’s chief ethics officer and a county special prosecutor quit. As a mostly-lifelong Cook County resident, the idea of a county ethics officer is hilarious. Cook County makes banana republics look ethical.

Foxx is still pushing the ‘it is normal’ line regarding her favors for Smollett. This is despite there being literally no examples of similar treatment. Ever.

Needless to say, Smollett’s lawyers oppose the special prosecutor. Because duh. A special prosecutor forces the evidence of his staging a fake hate crime into the open. Then his lies and evasions have to be faced. Like so many, he continues to refuse to take responsibility for his actions.

Recusal Theater Continues…

Now, Foxx has recused (‘recused’?) herself yet again. In this case, she has been photographed with so-called ‘activist’ Jedidiah Brown, accused of battery of police officers last year. Let’s recap – the case is from last year, and the friendly photo is from early April. It isn’t reasonable in a crime-infested county like Cook for the County Prosecutor to know everyone in every case. That is not up for debate.

This is another issue of Foxx making a bad call, and getting caught. It is a no-brainer that the county prosecutor shouldn’t be photographed with anyone who is being prosecuted by her office.. Brown, a believer in something called ‘restorative justice’, called the request for a special prosecutor to look into Foxx’s actions a “political gang bang”. I am sure Foxx isn’t happy with that particular phrasing.

We’ll wait and see if this is an actual recusal, or just using the term to lie to the public again.